Who is Gotham?

Gotham Transcription is a group of brainy and fastidious transcriptionists based in New York City whose mutual decades of experience make us uniquely suited to tackle all of your transcription projects. Our team is responsible for transcribing even the most intricate and exacting assignments including projects containing difficult sound quality, technical material, large group discussions, specific formatting and time coding.

Transcription is a skill that no software program or intern can replace. The intricacies of the spoken word, multi-participant events, complex nomenclature and slang are something we excel at emulating on the page at Gotham. Our transcriptionists are all local, highly educated and committed to providing you an excellent transcript each and every time.

If you require

  • a highly-detailed, verbatim transcript of a deposition or hearing for a legal case,
  • a comprehensive script with time code for a new television show, feature film or commercial,
  • a clear, chit chat-free transcript of an interview to aid in the writing of an article, or
  • an accurate account of a 10-person meeting including voice identification,

Gotham will make it happen.


Discussion Types

Transcripts can be created from the following discussion types:

  • Dictations
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Depositions
  • Hearings
  • Conference Calls
  • Phone Calls and Voicemails
  • Focus Groups
  • Panel Discussions
  • Meetings
  • Film Footage Including Vérité
  • Completed Film/Television Movies/Episodes
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Personal Recordings

All of the above discussion formats can be transcribed with or without time code. In addition, transcripts can be delivered verbatim for legal or film clients or clean for print for our publishing or business clients.

Transcript Formats

How your transcript looks when it is delivered is up to you. Gotham offers a standard transcript format that is structured for maximum clarity in Microsoft Word. We know that providing our clients a specific format can be just as critical as providing an accurate transcript. Submit instructions on how you want your transcript to appear and we will update your transcript before returning it to you at no additional charge.


You need your transcript and you need it now. Gotham offers several turnaround options including same-day rush with availability. Contact us to discuss all of your turnaround options.


Our highly competitive rates are by the hour of sound and prorated to the nearest minute. We screen your media once it arrives in our inbox and confirm your pricing, turnaround and sound issues right away. The best news? You will know your exact price before we type a single word. Contact us now for rates at production@gothamtranscription.com.


Media Formats

The digital age is here and Gotham is at the forefront of digital technology. We can accept any digital format on the market including:

  • Audio files such as Mp3, WAV or WMA
  • Memo files from your iPhone or iPad
  • Video files such as MOV, MPEG or FLV
  • Conference calls accessed via 1-800 number
  • New and emerging formats

Have a cassette, microcassette, DVD, CD, VHS or digital recorder? We can handle these formats as well.

Time Code

Time coding is a useful tool that allows a reader to quickly locate a portion of a recording. This service is essential in the film/television industry, but can also be extremely helpful for journalists, legal professionals and business professionals who need to locate a spot on a recording quickly. Gotham can add time code from the following sources:

  • Running time of sound or video file
  • SMPTE time code recorded on the left channel of an audio file (preferably MP3)
  • Embedded time code on WAV files
  • Visual/Burnt-in time code on video files

Who works with Gotham?

Gotham's clients have come to rely on our impeccable customer service and timely, concise transcripts. Our amazing transcriptionists can handle any subject matter our clients provide them. Our clients come from all sectors including:

  • Legal/Court Reporting
  • Film and Television
  • Publishing
  • Financial
  • Fortune 500
  • Fine Art
  • Public Relations
  • Pop Culture
  • IT and Technical Services
  • Advertising
  • Architecture
  • Academic
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical


Our clients' confidentiality is taken very seriously at Gotham. All transcriptionists sign non-disclosure agreements upon being hired and Gotham is happy to sign any additional agreements provided by our clients. Your sensitive materials are safe with us.

Ready to submit a transcription project to Gotham?


(646) 705-0048

(646) 688-4856

Please contact us via email or telephone before sending hard media for transcription.

14 Murray Street
Suite 144
New York, NY 10007


Gotham is always looking for highly talented individuals to join our team of brainy transcriptionists. We only hire the best and brightest freelance transcriptionists and compensate accordingly. If you are extremely speedy on the keyboard, a pro at researching difficult subject matters and capable of error-free typing, please send your resume and detailed cover letter to jobs@gothamtranscription.com.

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